Endorsed by Community Leaders and Respected Law Enforcement Organizations

Rob is honored to have received many endorsements from so many different leaders, colleagues and law enforcement organizations

Rob Blair
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Proven Leadership


Rob is humbled by this support and is dedicated to serving our county with honesty, integrity, professionalism and proven leadership.

"Congratulations! The West Virginia Sheriffs' Association PAC voted unanimously to endorse Rob Blair for the position of Sheriff of Berkeley County, WV."

President Jimmy Riffle, President of WVSA

"The West Virginia Deputy Sheriffs’ Association has awarded their endorsement to Rob Blair, after interviewing all candidates in the 2024 election cycle who are running for Sheriff of Berkeley County. Rob is honored to have received the endorsement of this important organization."

West Virginia Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
West Virginia Deputy Sheriffs’ Association Logo

"During my 35 years involved in law-enforcement, first as a county prosecuting attorney and then as federal criminal prosecutor, I had the pleasure and honor to work with thousands of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, troopers, and agents. For a criminal prosecutor, the qualities which are most valued in the investigators with whom you work are honesty and integrity, for without these virtues, the entire criminal legal system fails.

I had the distinct privilege of knowing and working with Rob Blair for over 20 of those years, both when he was a uniformed State Trooper and during his time with the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. He proved to be a skilled investigator and a very capable administrator who exhibited the highest level of leadership competence.

Rob always impressed me and others with his forthrightness, dedication to the truth, and his respect for the rule of law. He continually demonstrated that both his clear moral compass and his ethical perspective were very much an innate part of who he is. "

Thomas O. Mucklow,
Former Prosecuting Attorney, Barbour County, West Virginia
Retired Assistant United States Attorney, Northern District of West Virginia
Rob Blair for Sheriff Yard Sign

"I respect and admire Rob's decision to seek the position of Berkeley County Sheriff. As is well known, Rob completed a distinguished and honorable career with the West Virginia State Police. Rob then began post-retirement employment with the WV Insurance Commission as an investigator, where he was also recognized as successful. Life was good for Rob, and I personally understood no reason for him to seek such a demanding and challenging position.

In WV, and due to also being a WVSP retiree myself (largely in Berkeley Co.), I know the Sheriff's position, especially in a large and growing community such as Berkeley County, to be one of the most difficult/demanding positions you can commit to. Rob explained, he has been extremely blessed in his personal and professional life, and he felt a responsibility to now step forward, at a time when there is such a lack of trust in government leadership.

Knowing Rob for such a long time, I absolutely believe this to be true. Rob is a law enforcement professional, who knows and practices by the rules/laws, he has always maintained a practice of "if it's good for us, it's good for us, and if it's bad for us, it's bad for us", he will not avoid hard decisions or hide problems. Rob is honest and fact-driven, and considers the entirety of matters.

In a recent conversation with Rob, he was very passionate and complimentary of the skill and talent of the current Deputy staff (both law enforcement and tax) since being appointed Sheriff. Rob Blair will do well, and Berkeley County proud as Sheriff."

Fred Wagoner,
Retired West Virginia State Police Lieutenant
Rob Blair with Fred Wagoner

"I am writing this correspondence to give my full support for Rob Blair as Sheriff of Berkeley County, a person that I have known personally and professionally for the past 30 years. I first met Rob while working for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department during the early 1990’s. Rob was a young trooper working in both Berkeley and Jefferson Counties as well as the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. During our law enforcement careers our paths crossed many times either responding to calls for service, during criminal investigations, or multi-agency large scale operations or events. Over the next several years I continued to notice how Rob Blair stood out amongst the others as he ascended through the ranks to become Captain and Troop Commander stationed at the Jefferson County State Police Detachment.

Rob Blair has earned and gained the respect of his fellow law enforcement colleagues, leading by example. He has proven himself as a dedicated professional with many valuable attributes and leadership abilities. His experience, professionalism, and work ethic, set the example for others. Most importantly, Rob Blair is a person of strong faith, a dedicated family man whose character, integrity, and moral values are above reproach.

I was delighted when I heard that Rob Blair was willing and stepped forward to serve the citizens of Berkeley County by filling the vacated unexpired term of Sheriff of Berkeley County through 2024. I was confident that he would be the candidate selected by the Berkeley County Counsel. I know Rob Blair is honored and humbled by the faith and trust placed in him. He will not disappoint you or the citizens of Berkeley County. He is an honorable person, one that has been tried and tested throughout his distinguished law enforcement career. A leader in which we can all be proud of as "our Sheriff" of Berkeley County.

In closing as a resident of Berkeley County, the second largest populated county in West Virginia, we will need strong leadership for the challenge that growth and population brings, therefore I urge you to give favorable consideration to vote for Rob as Sheriff of Berkeley County."

Jesse W. Jones,
Retired Chief Deputy / Chief of Staff Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department 1985-2017
Rob Blair with Jesse W. Jones

"One of the first individuals I met after being assigned to Martinsburg out of the West Virginia State Police Academy in 1993 was Rob Blair. Rob has been a mentor, role model and friend since then. I have observed Rob become a husband, father and supervisor. Rob has excelled in all those positions.

I was assigned to the Eastern Panhandle Drug & Violent Task Force from 1997 to 2017. Rob was Task Force Coordinator during a portion of that time. His leadership and experience led to multiple successful prosecutions. He led the Task Force in a professional manner.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office has excellent men and women. Rob will provide the leadership to guide them in protecting the citizens of Berkeley County."

Brian Bean,
Retired Corporal & Criminal Investigator with the West Virginia State Police
Rob Blair with Brian Bean

“For the past 50 years, I’ve been employed in the criminal justice system, as a Police Officer and Criminal Fraud Investigator. I’ve been honored to work with many Officers, Investigators, Prosecutors, and the Public. During the last 35 years of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob Blair in various capacities. I first met and worked with Rob Blair in 1989 when he was stationed in the Eastern Panhandle as a young West Virginia State Trooper. Thereafter, Rob ascended in the law enforcement ranks through promotions and assignments. During Rob’s career, he worked as a uniformed Trooper and as an Undercover Investigator and Commander for the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force. After promotions and appointments, Rob rose to the rank of Captain in the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) and was the uniformed Commander of 7 Eastern Panhandle counties, leading and managing over 100 Troopers and Civilian Personnel. Upon retirement after 25 years of service with the WVSP, Rob continued his criminal justice career as a Fraud Investigator.

During his career, Rob has committed his life to protecting and serving the citizens of our county and region. Rob has a proven track record of leadership, professionalism, and honesty. Rob exemplifies ethical character traits and exercises empathy in his dealings with all.

Aside from his professional career, Rob is a conscientious caregiver and provides for his family and friends. Rob values and loves his associations. He has always been community oriented and continues to assist with matters pertaining to his church and various community organizations.

Without doubt and with great enthusiasm, I can express my wholehearted support for Rob Blair as Berkeley County Sheriff!”

Ted Anderson,
Retired Chief of Police, Martinsburg Police Department
Rob Blair with Ted Anderson

“In 2021, I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Blair when I came to the Eastern Panhandle as the Sports Celebrity/Grand Marshall of the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival. Rob served as my security and host for the weekend. I travel all over the country speaking, making appearances and meeting people. I knew immediately Rob was a man of character - he lives it out. And over the course of the last 3 years, our relationship has gone from professional to family. We love Rob and Mary Beth - they are family to us. Rob and I share a common goal of helping others and making a difference in peoples' lives.

I would encourage Rob to stay focused on the calling and purpose on his life because that’s really what it’s all about. I look forward to seeing Rob and Mary Beth whenever we are in the area - their support and friendship means the world to us. When Rob called to tell me about running for office, we prayed about his future, and I know he has the experience, the heart and the integrity to serve the citizens of Berkeley County with Godly leadership that his community and our country so desperately need."

Darryl Strawberry,
Former MLB player, 4-time World Series winner, 8-time All-Star, and National Baseball Hall of Fame nominee. Darryl now serves the Lord Jesus Christ by spreading a message of hope and restoration through the power of the gospel.
Darryl Strawberry with Rob and Mary Beth Blair

“As a retired Naval Officer, I surround myself with people who are honorable, courageous and committed to the greatest country in the world. Sheriff Blair embodies these traits at home, at work, in church, in the community and across the great state of West Virginia. There is only one person in Berkeley County who every citizen can trust to lead the all important Sheriff’s Department. My wife and I consider Rob a close family friend and I am honored to give him my strongest possible endorsement."

Commander Kelvin Upson, USN (ret).
Kelvin Upson

“My name is Scott Dillon, and I had the distinct honor of serving with Rob Blair in the West Virginia State Police for more than twenty-two years. Upon graduating from the West Virginia State Police Academy, I was assigned to the Martinsburg Detachment and met Rob on my first day in Martinsburg. Rob and I immediately developed a friendship and bond that has grown throughout the years. During our careers in the State Police, Rob was my immediate supervisor for seven years while we were both assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Rob is a consummate professional who possesses strong leadership skills. Rob’s character is beyond reproach, and he always holds himself to a higher standard. Rob’s leadership style empowers everyone around him to perform at their very best each day. Rob is a family man who together with his wife Mary Beth, have lived and raised their three beautiful children in Berkeley County for more than thirty years. Rob truly cares about the community in which he serves and wants to make Berkeley County a safer community where family’s can live and raise their children. I am proud to call Rob a friend and believe that Rob is hands down the best candidate for Sheriff of Berkeley County. Please join me in casting your vote on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, to elect Rob Blair as Sheriff of Berkeley County."

Scott Dillon, Retired Captain, West Virginia State Police
Scott Dillon

"Moral authority comes from following universal and timeless principles like honesty, integrity, and treating people with respect.” - Stephen Covey.

"To us, Rob Blair exemplifies these characteristics! Rob is a man of God and sets a great example to all he comes into contact with. He’s kind, caring and generous with his time for his family, friends and our community. Rob is open and honest in his conversations and shares how much he looks forward to unity and positive growth in our community. His words are followed by action, as Rob leads his family with volunteering in many different organizations. Always doing what’s right for the betterment of others. It’s our honor and privilege to know Rob and come alongside him, supporting his Campaign for Sheriff of Berkeley County."

Kristie & Keith Hadley
Kristie & Keith Hadley with Rob and Mary Beth Blair

"We have known Rob and Mary Beth Blair for over 15 years. From day one, they showed our family so much love. It was very hard having your son going to a predominately Caucasian school. How do you trust someone with the most precious thing in your life; your son? But the support we developed in the Hedgesville community helped us tear down the stereotype of racial barrier walls. Rob and his family became our family. We shared good times and bad times together, but mostly we knew how to love each other. Rob is a man, that we know to be a true, faithful man, who stands up for what is right for his actions and equality for all men and women. Rob chooses to be faithful consistently to his wife and to God– this is one of his best characters that we love about him.

Another characteristic that Rob has is integrity, which in the Bible is defined as doing what is right, even when it is difficult or unpopular. It is about being truthful, reliable, and consistent in one’s words and actions and, from our experience, Rob’s actions are always aligned with God's truth and righteousness. Integrity is one of the most valuable and respected qualities of leadership and that is what we see when we look at Rob Blair."

Amie & Calvin Burks
Amie & Calvin Burks with Rob and Mary Beth Blair and Lisa and Eric Gates

"For more than 30 years, Rob Blair has been dedicated to serving the athletes of the Eastern Panhandle Special Olympics. Each year, Rob gathers up local officers to run in the only torch run for Special Olympics. As the athletes arrive for the competition you can hear the buzz about the officers arriving as they turn the corner with the torch lit to make the first lap of the track to start the annual event. Rob's leadership and involvement is amazing and meaningful. It is the highlight of the day to get a picture of this group with our athletes!

We are grateful for Rob's devotion to Special Olympics and his leadership in keeping our torch run going for decades. Rob will serve the citizens of Berkeley County with the same commitment and determination"

Ginnie Molnar,
Director, Eastern Panhandle Special Olympics
Rob Blair with an Eastern Panhandle Special Olympics Athlete

"Rob has been a family friend since the 1980’s. Growing up in Huntington, WV alongside Rob, his parents. sister and brother, my family and his established a relationship that we couldn’t have imagined would develop into an unbreakable bond, when we each settled in Martinsburg with families of our own.

Within weeks of our young family moving to Martinsburg, Rob and Mary Beth opened their hearts and home to us. From that moment, the entire Blair / Kisner and Gates / Piepenbrink clans are truly extended families.

Rob’s integrity is unmatched. He holds high standards yet makes all feel welcomed and appreciated. He loves truth and justice and considers each person’s uniqueness as gifts from God. He is humble, honest, and honorable.

When he decided to serve the people of Martinsburg, we were so excited for what we know he will accomplish and the integrity he will bring to his new position.

As we watch the news covering the events occurring in our country, I feel that local elections have never been more important. It really does matter who we elect locally. What happens in an election hundreds of miles away, can affect us right here in Berkeley County. Integrity should be essential when we consider candidates. The upcoming election is one where we can know who we are voting for and what this candidate stands for to keep our community safe."

Lisa & Eric Gates
Lisa & Eric Gates with Rob and Mary Beth Blair and Amie & Calvin Burks

"Rob Blair has had a direct impact on my life since a young age. As my coach for multiple sports, Rob taught me the principles of Respect, Honesty, and Hard Work. In the process of coaching and leading young men he was a great example of each of the same qualities he asked of us, both on and off the field/court. His unwavering commitment to excellence and fairness sets a shining example for all those around him.

A vote for Rob Blair is a vote for honesty, respect, commitment, and proven leadership."

Owen Elliott
Rob Blair